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We work for well-known brands and those who want to be well-known. Our projects aim at value creating.

Recognisability, image, proper associations and emotions are the foundation of the company development and proper position on the market of its products and services. Our clients brands' constitute intangible capital that increases the return on investment in hard assets. To be successful, the company and its product brands must have consistent and well-thought-out identification. They must be associated appropriately.

The essential tools, thanks to which the brand's external communication supports its business goals, focus on building the image on the level easily perceived by the recipient's subconscious.

Graphically, the visual design of the company and products supports revenues independently of other marketing activities. It is part of both the promotion element from the classic marketing mix model and the basis of physical evidence from the broader 7P model.

We gain control over the customers' emotions by creating the desired image of the company and its products and the brand's visual identification system.

Analysing the relevant associations to achieve success, we impose them on the recipients in such a way as to support the set sales goals. The core of professional activity in this area is the combination of graphics skills with the appropriate marketing approach. Therefore, graphic designs must focus on the goal instead of the form of expression — the creativity of graphic designers in the service of marketing and sales.

Branding is a visual identity that distinguishes a company through the use of appropriate graphical tools in all communication channels that potential clients encounter. Consistent labelling of products and services following the brand book is the first step to reach the audience's awareness with an information message that we want to stuck in their memory.

Well-made advertising also requires media that aims precisely at identifying the brand and the benefits that it has to associate. The amount of information that people are overwhelmed with generates the need to simplify narrative and influence on the emotional levels. Hence, even the best sales arguments have little chance of success without proper graphics support.


Our graphic design studio can create any elements that build visual identification: both graphic signs and individual projects of utility materials or advertisements.

The comprehensive brands' creation is our speciality. Each of our brand and image creation services includes: examining the company's profile, competition and market environment in terms of choosing the right emotions and associations that identify your brand and at the same time implementing the assumptions of the adopted marketing strategy. The development of the method of inducing the desired image-related and subconscious effects of associations usually means the preparation of a communication strategy related to the brand. Starting from colour and typography, defining the stylistic direction and form of advertising campaigns, ending with details how a business card should look like, to be a tool for achieving the goals of a coherent image campaign.

Branding often starts with creating a new company or product name. On this basis, you proceed to the next stages: the logo, the book of the sign or the brand book.


Consistency of style is the best way to build lasting company image.

Brand book is a manual prepared by professionals in the form of a book. It is a complete visual identity system that includes a set of colours, typeface, and designs of most of the company's utility materials, such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, folders and necessary documents and company prints. It includes visualizations of practical applications of the company's graphic style, for example, how information boards and stylistics of press advertisements or rollups should look.

See an example of a brand book: brand book.



The well-designed logo allows encoding in the viewer's mind such emotions and associations on which we want them to be identified with the company or its product. It is the foundation of the visual identification system of every company and brand product. The logo is the most exposed graphic element visible in all company materials.

See how the logo design stages in our company run: logo designing process.

The rules for creating a good company identification mark require taking into account different possibilities of its application. Logo design is a multi-stage process in which the creation of a graphic form takes place only aftermarket analysis, competition and research on who the potential customers of the company are. At the beginning of the process, necessary information is also collected, allowing to specify the style or colours preferred by the customer. Next, variants of the logo design proposals to choose from are presented, one of which is developed for the final proposal. The visualizations are shown - examples of applications - allow you to choose the version of the project that best meets the expectations of the customer.


The process used to rejuvenate the company's image and its adaptation to new types of recipients and products. The changed logo retains some of the features of the current style, to maintain the brand's continuity.

Often lifting is accompanied by changes in the book of the sign, for example, typography or colours. Thus, the new logo becomes the output element of the entirely new visual identity system. The scope of the need to modify an existing system usually results from the degree of changes. Often, lifting applies to a logo that does not have a sign book. In such cases, the process of its creation is very similar to the utterly new logotype.

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While the design or logo lifting generates the essential brand's identification mark, its application in various fields of operation requires clarification. Thanks to it we can avoid situations in which the logo placement interferes, for example with the appearance of information on the website, on the packaging or billboards. It is worth to define both the security framework for using the logo in the environment of other graphics, as well as the colours or type of preferred fonts in communication. The scope of the book of signs defines the individual needs of the brand. It is different when creating the company's system identification, different for the needs of a single product.

Contact us if your company need a visual identification system or logo, you want your company to stand out on the market.

You can contact us, even if you do not have marketing facilities to develop a brand strategy. Our specialists help to create not only the external attributes of the brand but also a functional website or advertising materials supporting sales processes.

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