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When designing websites, we go beyond excellent web design. We create the value of the website and application by subordinating the graphic to all dimensions of User Experience. Functionality, usability, accessibility and reliability are the right framework to create a website that achieves your business goals.

Positive interaction with the website user is based on the information architecture preceded by the analysis of the target group’s expectations, habits and possible paths to navigate the site. Each graphics design is preceded by a service prototype (UX wireframes). An adequately designed UI (User Interface) layer, its graphic design, is used as a tool for positive interaction with the user. Filling the UX framework, we create projects aimed at calling specific reactions at the recipient (e.g., purchasing a product or completing a form).

We are one of the most experienced UI / UX agencies in Poland. We design only based on prototypes developed as part of online workshops with our clients.

What is the UX prototype?

UX wireframe – an interactive website prototype. It allows us to see and test the operation of the website before it is completed. At this stage, any changes are straightforward to implement and do not generate additional costs. Modification of an existing site often incurs considerable costs and sometimes it is impossible to pay attention to the need to interfere too much with the website. The most significant advantage of the UX prototype is the ability to test the planned paths for users, that is, take on the form of, for example, our client and check whether from the entrance to the page or subpage the path planned by us leads it as we expect, for example, to buy or form. If getting to the information is too complicated or the paths are too long then we modify and improve the whole process.

An example of the interactive UX wireframe:

Website based on mockups: see realisation

Who is this offer for?

Corporate clients, media houses, software houses, interactive agencies, marketing departments. For years, we have been supporting the activities of software houses and IT departments for which we comprehensively create a front-end layer. From wireframes of the website (interactive prototype of the site designed in UXPin) to a graphical interface designed following UX principles. We are a support and partner for many companies. We always work closely with the programming departments to offer clients solutions that are within the technological scope and following the specification agreed with the client. Our offer is addressed to companies that have developed programming departments, but do not have experience in UI / UX and need to have a proven partner in this area. We conduct UX audits of existing websites.


  • UX WIREFRAMES – After analysing project’s technical specification and goals to be achieved by the website, we create a prototype of the website in the form of interactive wireframes. The prototype has one significant advantage: the client can see the website before the graphic design process begins. Changes application at this stage is easy and very economical for the project.

  • UX / UI DESIGN – Based on wireframes, we design a graphical interface (UI – website layout) based on good practices and our knowledge of UX.

  • HTML PROGRAMMING – Designed graphics are cut to HTML according to specification (e.g., Bootstrap, SASS, LESS). We also implement JavaScript animations.

Contact us if you are looking for support in creating wireframes, HTML programming, and if you look for a reliable partner who helps and advises on UX.