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Our marketing expertise and knowledge of how to increase sales in companies are made available to clients at every stage of cooperation. We also share them in the form of audits and training.

Even the best advertising needs the right marketing foundation and staff to achieve success Team needs to know and understand the process of customers gaining. A broad spectrum of audits enables activities development to improve the efficiency of the company. Complementing the process is to train employees to be able to use information and methods resulting from marketing tips in practice.


  • UX AUDIT – Analysis of an existing website to increase the conversion rate. Its effect is to adapt the site to the expectations of customers and to the way users move on the website so that they can get the right response: order, contact, inquiry.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING – A series of meetings that convey the ability to handle social relations.

  • MARKETING AUDIT – Provides information about the company, market and competition. We identify development and sales barriers. It gives direction to actions improving sales and building company value.

  • VISUAL IDENTITY AUDIT – It leads to determining assumptions about how a company should be perceived emotionally to achieve market success. It leads to the redefinition of the company’s philosophy: mission, vision and value in terms of evoking the desired emotions at the recipients.

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