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A company profile on Facebook or Instagram is a business card of your company. A properly conducted profile in social media creates the brand image, attracts customers, and gathers the community interested in your products.

Social media is the most dynamically developing communication channel with clients in the world. Having a company account on Facebook has become as natural and mandatory as having a phone in your company.

Can your clients contact your company today via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? If not, change it quickly because they will contact your competitors.

We have been dealing with social media profiles and activities for over 8 years. We have an experienced team ready to conduct strategically thought-out communication and a professional image of your company in social media.


Regular increase in the number of clients obtained from Facebook.
Building a base of positive opinions about your company.
Customer service via Facebook.
A significant increase in the competitiveness of your company.


Developing a marketing strategy in Social Media.
Comprehensive and professional management of the company profile (permanent moderators’ care) on Facebook.
Setting business goals (e.g. increasing sales) with a plan to achieve them in Social Media.
Creating, adding and moderating posts (minimum 2 a week).
Customer service via Facebook – (moderator contacts the company in client’s behalf).
Running marketing and advertising activities aimed at promoting your company.
Monthly reports and analyzes are showing an increase in the number of fans and the involvement of users.


The cost of running social media activities is strictly dependent on the amount of work time for specialists who have to deal with the company profile. Depending on the size of the company and the planned communication strategy, running social media is priced differently due to the required number of hours of service profiles and messengers. Monthly profile support, for example, on Facebook and Instagram (simultaneously) along with customer service (communication via messenger), is usually in the range of PLN 400 EUR – 1500 EUR / month. If you are interested, please contact us for a free quote.

We are the founders of profiles on FB brands such as:

Discovery Channel Polskahttps://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryChannelPolska
TLC Polskahttps://www.facebook.com/TLCPolska

Comprehensive support for social media company profiles. Running Fanpage on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedInie. Developing long-term strategies in social media. We create engaging contest applications and games. We monitor the web presence.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – researching the company, industry and competition, defining the topics of interaction, defining communication strategies, clarifying the language of messages, developing an advertising campaign.

  • PROFILE LAUNCHES – developing a visual style, developing a communication style, adapting/creating a profile.

  • COMMUNITY BUILDING – regular thematic entries, news about high reactivity, precisely selected graphics.

  • COMPREHENSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – entries moderation, messaging support, engagement in relationships.

  • ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN – analysing the target group, controlling the effects, modifying the campaign.

Contact us if you want to have an experienced marketing agency in your company profile on FB, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.