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Our clients’ success  is based on a solid foundations of marketing analysis. This is the most effective way to achieve business goals that are set before the project works start.

Proper marketing management is a crucial element in the success of a company and its products. That is why our experts are available at every stage of cooperation. Each of the developed projects is supervised by a marketing specialist with many years of experience in solving sales problems.

Who is this offer for? – For every small, medium and large enterprises that want to introduce effective marketing, plan business goals and develop a sales strategy.


  • MARKETING ANALYSIS Analysing the company and the market environment in terms of the effectiveness of the tasks we perform. We conduct analysis of products, clients, competition, business purpose and development of the most effective way to achieve the goal.

  • UX AUDIT – Analysis of an existing website to increase its effectiveness – achieving business goals. We have several years of experience in UX design.

  • MARKETING AUDIT – External analysis of marketing problems in the company. It supplements the competences of employed marketers or replaces the employment of an employee with appropriate qualifications and experience. It provides a solid basis for directing the company to achieve success by satisfying the needs of customers in the environment of intense competition.

  • MARKETING STRATEGY – Developing detailed guidelines and action plans – what to do and how to make a company grow and achieve its business goals.

  • PRODUCT STRATEGY – Development of guidelines on what actions should be taken to successfully enter the market with the product/service or improve the sales ratios of the existing product.

  • WEBSITE MARKETING SUPPORT – Permanent monitoring and suggestions for improving website performance, website changes, introducing new products and reactions to competition activities.

  • YOUR EXTERNAL MARKETING DEPARTMENT – The offer is for small businesses that do not have a marketing department. You can increase the efficiency of sales and marketing activities in the company, at a relatively low cost.

Make an appointment with us for a free consultation if your company needs marketing support, you want to increase sales of products or services, use our knowledge and experience. Let’s talk about marketing 3.0 and strategies condemned to success.

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