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Designing an excellent logo goes far beyond the competence of the most talented artists.

The investment value is only for graphically perfect projects that simultaneously pursue the brand's image goals. Only the use of appropriate knowledge and involvement of the best graphic designers in a carefully planned design process allows you to achieve full success. Professional logo for the company translates directly to business development.

A good logo fits into a clearly defined communication strategy. It must be unique, simple, recognizable, timeless and adapted to the character of the company it is to represent. Therefore, in the design process, we carefully analyze the marketing background of the task. Our team supports clients in developing appropriate brand image guidelines.

Design process

1 Project description

The first stage of creating a logo is a conversation. We obtain information about a company or brand whose logo we create.

During online workshops, we try to develop a framework for the brand's philosophy: why it exists, what is the vision of its operation, what is its identity, who are the ideal recipients, and what should they pay attention to? We help define strategy and goals. Determine with which emotions the brand should be associated and how the recipients should remember it. Creating a logo requires constant cooperation with the client.

2 Market analysis

With the source information about the brand and its recipients, in the next stage, we objectively examine the market environment in which it operates. We analyze the competition image, trends and visual habits of clients in a given market segment. We work out the directions in which the stylistics of the project should go so that it is properly positioned in the viewer's mind.

At this stage, we determine whether the logo should be minimalistic, complicated, modern, traditional, technical or rustic. We design a trademark for each industry. We take into account both the expectations of the client and his business strategy as well as the requirements of the market environment. The assumptions made are a starting point in graphic design.

3 Sketching

Logo design starts with a sketch. We prepare preliminary ideas, outlines and concepts. We discuss them in the team and choose the best. Only the best and most targeted concepts are developed. Ultimately, we want to create one character - the best of the best.

The sketching stage is a creative brainstorming. It is about the objective selection of the best concepts that best meet the requirements for a new logo. As a result, the creativity of several graphic designers is combined around a common goal - the brand's success.

4 Conceptualisation

The best graphic designs, logo sketches are developed and created in electronic form. At the same time, they are given a professional form, based on lines or a grid. At the core of ideal projects are timeless principles: symmetry, simplicity, golden proportion or Gestalt principles.

It is thanks to them that even a completely new brand may seem well-known. At this stage, the appropriate typography is chosen - the way of recording the name, harmonising with the logo. We focus on the form itself, not yet in the colour scheme, which is matched in the next stage.

5 Visualisation development

The best logo designs are presented to the customer in the form of a transparent document with visualizations of the use of the sign. We present both the mark itself on a white background, and we prepare a series of visualizations that allow you to orientate yourself and imagine how the sign looks in the real world environment.

Along with the presentation, there is a short note with several details regarding the brand philosophy presented in the given version of the logo. At this stage, we usually focus on the form, except for the colour scheme.

6 Proposal discussion

At this point, it is necessary to meet or online workshops and discuss the prepared proposals. During the discussion, we determine the favourite, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal.

We determine whether it is necessary to refine the mark to better reflect the character of the brand. We set further actions and deadlines. At the customer's request, we can conduct detailed marketing research to support the selection of the best proposal.

7 Polishing the final project

We polish the selected version of the mark and polish the details to get the perfect result and make the customer happy. Usually, at this stage, we choose the colour of the sign and give it a final look. The project is presented for final acceptance by the client.

Thanks to the carefully planned process of the logo design: from marketing analyzes and preparation of brand communication strategies to joint conceptual work of the entire graphics team - the final effect is not only graphically polished but also meets all the criteria for creating a valuable brand image.

8 Final set of files

After creating the final version of the sign, we prepare a set of files in several variants: the basic version in colour, shades of grey and mono (each in the light and dark version). Each variant is prepared and delivered in various vector formats, ideal for printing (eps, pdf) and raster, the best for online applications (jpg, png). As a graphic studio, we transfer copyright to the project. You can start using it in practice.

After finishing the work on the logo, we can start creating the brand book, or the mark book. They constitute a development of the assumptions of brand identification for a coherent system of visual identification. Designed logos can be used on letterhead, product packaging, websites, business cards, leaflets, banners, in company catalogues and other forms of advertising.

If you need a logo for your company, you want your company to stand out on the market - contact us.

You can contact us, even if you do not have marketing facilities to develop a brand strategy. Our advertising agency is an expert team who helps to create not only external attributes of branding but also a functional website or advertising materials supporting sales processes.

Visual identity

Recognition, image, relevant associations and emotions are the foundation of the company's development and its proper position on the market. This is the visual identification system.

UX audit

This is an examination of an existing website leading to increase of its effectiveness. It is the basis for introducing changes and improving the website.

What is the difference between logo and logotype?

Logo covers the entirety of the brand identification field. It consists of a graphic sign (signet) and a stylised text message, e.g. company name (logotype). Together, they form a coherent visual communication of the brand name. Each of these elements has different functions.

There are cases when the logo consists only of a signet or a logotype. Sometimes the complete logo includes the signet, logotype and claim (advertising slogan is "attached" to the company name).

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