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From the design of the logo depends on how the market will perceive the company. The latest marketing research clearly shows that the right graphic message – the emotions it creates – has become more important than sales arguments. Visual identification is a crucial element of impact on the customer. A good logo is a foundation on which the entire company image is created. A professionally designed logotype is often the only determinant affirming the quality of the offer or services provided. It affects the subconscious of the potential client.

Professional logo design requires graphics the knowledge and experience in the area of ​​marketing and business practice the use of graphic signs in building the brand image. Logo creation is a process whose starting point is a thorough analysis of the visual space of the market, competition and potential customers. When designing, we take into account the nature of the company and its offer. The priority is to sign a graphic sign in the implementation of business goals. Most often, it’s about sales growth. We also carefully examine the customer just like the aesthetic expectations of the customer – the logo design.

Choosing Jaaqob agency to design the logo gives your company the security of the highest quality of the project. In our case, we rely on experience in operation and creation of well-known brands. Thanks to teamwork, we combine the creativity of the best graphic designers with the managerial expertise of marketing specialists so that our projects fully support the sales process and acquire customers.

Creating a logo for a company starts with interviews and surveys. Questions They let us know your company, offer and who are its clients. What image do you want and you should present to your recipients. Then we work to create different graphic layouts of the logotypes that you can choose. The logo design consists of several pre-proposals, one of which is refined to the final version. Only after approval of the final variant, we can prepare its chromatic versions – on a dark and light background. At this stage of cooperation, you will receive from us files that can be used practically: company logo: logo.

The rules and arrangements adopted in the design of the logo should be translated immediately into practical applications that create visual identification. To this end, the Book of Signs is created. As part of the service, the logo is supplemented with information on the forms of application and suggestions allowing to place the mark on various media and projects properly.

By expanding the logo to a document which is a book of characters, you can reduce the time and costs of implementing your websites or projects that you need, such as leaflets, business cards, or any advertising materials. The package of usable files and graphics concepts takes the form of a .pdf book.

If you would like to use the graphical potential of the company logo better, order a brand book on the occasion of the logo project. It contains simple instructions for everyone who in the future, has to work using the graphic sign created for you. In a slightly more complete version, it presents the recommended character sets – typography – a collection of company fonts) and even a package of utility projects: letterhead, footer mail, or even what the graphics in the press advertisement should look. A book of characters is a tool that will allow you to better understand and design further graphic materials in the near or distant future.Complete development of the logo concept is the whole brand books. This is the entire visual identification system containing the Book of Sign and at least a dozen elements – specific projects for the application of the company’s style. Finished projects allow you to reduce the time and cost of designing in virtually any situation you can find on your way to success. With the Brand Book, any graphic can easily do new projects. All you need to do is to see the portfolio and information included in the company’s visual identity system design. You have to send him a pdf.

We can prepare logotype projects that meet different needs. Trademarks as well as the identification of a single product. Both on the Polish and global market. As an element of the service, we can also create a new name. Precise offer is adapted to your needs and expectations. Project prices result directly from the involvement of our studio while working on a graphics task.

At Jaaqob, we understand that a satisfied customer receives not only what he expects from us. We give more. Thanks to that, we pride ourselves in designing for dozens of well-known brands in Poland and in the world.

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