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Sight is responsible for 85% of the information we receive from the environment. A great project is the best tool to evoke a customer’s desired emotions and reactions. At JAAQOB, we harness the creativity of the best graphic designers in the service of effectiveness.

We shape the image of the company and its products through marketing-oriented graphics. We create unique graphic designs, perfectly matching the target audience.

Our graphic designs distinguish the professional design. They affect the viewer by encouraging him to specific reactions: purchase, contact, engagement or credibility of benefits. Each advertising graphics is analysed in terms of the business goals it must achieve. Our graphic designers design both effective company identification systems as well as specific visual forms: roll-ups, billboards, press advertisements, company stationery, catalogues, leaflets, business cards, presentations, folders, banners, infographics, product packages, pictures on Facebook, layouts and graphics for websites, email footers or press advertisements.

We design effective company identification systems as well as specific visual forms: roll-ups, billboards, press advertisements, company stationery, catalogues, leaflets, presentations, folders, banners, infographics, facebook pictures, email footers or press advertisements.

If you are looking for graphic support and you want to pay only for the actual working time of the agency, check our offer: External Creativity Department

Over 13 years, we have designed over 12,000 graphic designs for companies in 17 countries from 5 continents for over 50 well-known brands.


  • MARKETING ANALYSIS – We analyse the company, competition and marketing environment in terms of the selection of the optimal graphic message.

  • GOAL SETTING – Regardless of whether it is an advertising folder, roll-up, billboard or any other media – all are created for a specific purpose. Clear definition of the expected response to the advertisement allows you to focus on achieving the determined effect.

  • STRATEGY – Each advertising goal and target group requires a different way of persuasion. The communication strategy is to adopt the language, style and presentation to specific habits, expectations and sensitivity to advertising stimulus.

  • INFORMATION HIERARCHY – The content of a compelling advertising message is characterised by the right information hierarchy what the recipient should remember, what to react to, what to acknowledge, what should surprise him.

  • STYLISTIC CONCEPTS – Products and companies usually have their graphic history and more or less explicit expectations as to the appearance of advertisements. Graphic design starts with the concept of style. It is about adopting the stylistic line to both the company’s expectations and the requirements of advertising effectiveness in a specific target group.

  • MOODBOARDS – Moodboard is a graphical presentation of the concept – proposals for stylistic lines. Moodboards allow for visual and emotional evaluation of ideas for graphic design. They contain text and graphics in the form, which is similar to the final project proposal.

  • VISUALS – The critical element of the project evaluation is the ability to look at the effect of the designer’s work in the real world — roll-up at the market stand, a billboard on the building, company folder on the desk with documents. We visualize every project in applications to gain confidence that it is perfect not only aesthetically, but also in practical use.

Contact us if you need to design marketing materials for your business. As an interactive agency, we offer a team of experts from the advertising industry at your disposal. We provide the highest quality and flexible, professional approach to ongoing projects.